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AccuCell Ladegerät passend für Samsung SLB-1974...
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AccuCell ALPHA300fast charger for Samsung Digital-Camera rechargeable battery AccuCell fast charger for Samsung Li-ion rechargeable battery Ladegerät passend für Akku Samsung SLB-1974 Samsung Pro 815, Samsung Pro 815SE ALPHA300 fast-charger is suitable for nearly 100% of all Li-ion and Li-Pol digital cameras and camcorder rechargeable batteries. The charge time depends on the capacity and charge state of the battery: 30-180 minutes. Charge process is constant voltage with max. 4,15 Volt +/-50mV (single-celled batteries) or with max. 8,3 Volt +/-50mV (double-celled batteries). Very compact case with exchangeable adapter. Scope of delivery includes widerange-adapter (100-240 Volt) as well as 12 Volt adapter for mobile usage. Exchangeable charging plate, it`s possible to order other adapters for digital cameras and camcorders. Technical specifications (Original AccuCell fast charger): Charging time: 650mAh (2,4Wh): 60 - 90 minutes 1200mAh (4,2Wh): 90 - 120 minutes 1800mAh (6,4Wh): 120

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